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That's correct 90 degree weather doesn't stop us. The dairy will be open and we have fresh raw grassfed cow's milk, cream, chocolate milk, aged raw milk cheeses and pasteurized fresh cheeses and butter. Remember to bring a cooler and some ice packs to keep your purchases cold. Our anchor producers will be there and two or three new ones to keep it interesting. I am not going to make any promises (because when I do there is a last minute cancellation and I can't notify everyone of the change) but we should have fresh mushrooms, grassfed/grassfinished beef, fresh produce, bread, jams, pickles, eggs (chicken and duck), poultry, rabbit, pork, lamb and honey. Jana returns with her caramel apples and Katrina will be there with her freeze dried fruits and confections. Joy will be there spinning her fibers teaching you how to use a drop spindle and displaying her beautiful creations.

We will have a special guest vendor GOLDEN NEEDLES QUILT GUILD. The volunteers will be selling raffle tickets for this quilt and the money collected will support their ongoing efforts to produce quilts and toy filled totes for boys. The totes are given to Children's Safe Harbor an agency that is working to end child sexual abuse and trauma. Unfortunately they have created and gifted 48 of these quilt packages to Safe Harbor thus far this year.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 2pm, please no early birds as we need that time to set up tables and merchandise, thank you for understanding.











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