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We had a terrific Sunday Market May 17th and if you missed it we will have another on Sunday June 19th from 2-5 with more producers in attendance so mark your calendars.

When you are grassfarmers producing milk on pasture as we are you constantly monitor the weather. Too little rain or no rain slows or halts pasture growth, too much rain has its own problems with pugging in the pastures and muddy udders to clean. This time of year our cows are able to graze 24 hours a day, except for their once a day trip to the milking parlor. We entice them into the parlor with alfalfa pellets and feed alfalfa pellets and beet pulp while milking to keep them from fidgeting while being milked. The drought has not effected us YET and we are fortunate that our pastures have maintained their productivity. Should the pastures begin to fail due to drought we have stockpiled our hay and silage to help see us through. Every grassfarmer, be they dairymen or cattlemen we know has the same concerns. Stay tuned for updates.


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